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Two students working on the Pringle Challenge.
Together We Will Have Fun in a Safe Setting

Sunnyside School District believes in the power of partnerships to ensure a safe and fun learning environment for all students.  

Visit our Safety and Security Page to learn more about our partnerships and the work that goes into protecting our students. 

Girl playing the violin.
Together We Will Explore the Artistic Side of Learning

Music, art, theater, and dance all play a role in gaining knowledge.

Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to participate through classroom instruction and extracurricular activities.

Latino Culture Club dressed up before the Homecoming Parade.
Together We Will Support All Learners

Transitional Kindergarten is the Sunnyside School District's newest program to support our community's youngest learners.

Students are welcomed to Sun Valley Elementary with the purpose of gaining the skills to be successful when they enter kindergarten. Visit our Transitional Kindergarten page to find out more!

Transitional Kindergarten

Sunnyside High School News & Events

Grizzly news, events, activities, and meetings are shown here, along with school closure dates. 

Latest News

Kaitlin Dirks

The annual Special Olympics were held on May 12 at the Sunnyside Memorial Athletic Complex.

Kaitlin Dirks

Sunnyside High School Math Club members competed against Granger High School, Prosser High School and Sunnyside Christian High School in the Lincoln Gym. Students competed in three events.

Upcoming Events

Sunnyside High School

Welcome to Sunnyside High School

At Sunnyside High School,  we believe learning environments are not limited to the classroom, and educational tools are not limited to textbooks and worksheets. Please take a look at the different ways the Sunnyside High School supports students and their families in having a successful educational experience.  

A Message from the Principal

Our Strategic Plan

Safety as a Top Priority

How We Communicate

Career, College and Life Ready

Mental Health Supports