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Cheer and Stunt Team

Team Leadership
Squad Captain
Alex Zieske
Giselle Guillen
Aniyah Martinez
Team Morale Leader
Veronica Puente

"We may make it look easy, but like all sports it takes hard work and dedication."

Mission Statement

SHS Rally is a well-established, well-respected cheerleading program. Through the participation and instruction in the sport of cheerleading, we promote the ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity and accountability, team cooperation and community activities.

Cheerleaders learn the value of team and the importance of family. We stand apart by being highly successful without sacrificing sportsmanship, character or integrity. We uplift and empower our athletes by providing quality instructors and exceptional role models.

Head Coach
Alejandra Ramos
(509) 836-5810 Ext. 6038

Alejandra Ramos began coaching in 2010 with Sunnyside High School. The team made its first appearance at Cheer Competitions in 2013 and has earned 4 trips to the Cheerleading State Competition. Last trip to state the team landed in 4th place in the Game-Day Category.

Coach Ramos is a member of the Washington State Cheer Coaches Association, has completed her training in WIAA Spirit Rules, WIAA General Rules, and Concussion Protocol. Coach Ramos has a valid Cheer Stunt Certification and is CPR and First Aid Certified. She is also a Stunt Clinician for the Yakima-Tricities area.


NCA Cheerleadership Camp 2022

This year the team attended camp at Central Washington University. This camp is one of a kind with a Leadership staff and instructors from the National Cheerleaders Association. The National Cheerleaders Association administers more than 1,100 camps around the world each summer, and it selects award winners from each of the individual camps. The girls worked hard to master stunts, cheers, chants, pyramids, and dances.

More importantly they practiced leadership lessons and participated in a community service project. While doing so they became NFHS team Credentialed. Meaning they fulfilled the team requirements in all categories including crowd leader, ambassador, spirit raiser, athlete, entertainer, leadership and safety.

The SHS cheerleaders received numerous honors at the camp that are listed below.

Bids for NCA National Events. This bid is awarded to teams that have exemplified positive qualities as a team. Teams that received this award have been evaluated by their instructors on a list of requirements while at camp. These include positive attitude, and good sportsmanship.

Superior ribbons. The team received superior ribbons for their final evaluation. Superior ribbons are awarded to a team that displays strong technique, leads the crowd well and performs with no noticeable mistakes.

Spirit Stick. The Spirit Sticks are presented to the teams showing the most sincere spirit and enthusiasm for the day, while taking into account attitude during classes, promptness, cooperation, relationships with other teams, and leadership.

Team Leadership Ribbons. The Team Leadership award was awarded by the leadership staff who led all leadership activities. 

Herkie Award. Herkie Team Award, the most prestigious award given by NCA. The Herkie TEAM Award, named after NCA founder, L.R. Herkimer, is awarded to squads who exemplify the qualities upon which the NCA was founded. These qualities are: leadership, values and teamwork!

Along with the stellar achievements of the SHS squad, several individuals were recognized for their outstanding cheerleading abilities by receiving a nomination for the All-American team. 

Arianna, Angelique, Ashley, Alex, Daisy, Ella, Giselle and Veronica were All-American nominees.

All-American Team. Alex Zieske made the All-American Team. This awards outstanding individuals who exemplify the best cheerleading skills during the All-American Team Tryout. 

SHS is proud of these girls and all they have accomplished!

Captain's Hall of Fame


Kaydience Porter

2017 -2021

Kaydi is attending Washington State University pursuing a career in Nursing.

How did cheer shape or guide you in life after high school?

Cheer showed me how important it is to be involved. It taught me to always put in 100% because the more effort you put into life, the better outcome you will receive.

Samantha Gonzalez

2014 - 2018

Samantha is now a Licensed Master Esthetician.

How did cheer shape or guide you in life after high school?

Being a part of the SHS cheer program for four years has impacted my life immensely. Cheer taught me how to be aware of my surroundings and audience at all times but it also opened up so many opportunities throughout the community. Cheer had a big impact in my life but Alejandra Ramos, the coach, she had a bigger impact as she guided me into the real world and taught me everything I needed to know as an adult.

Cheer is the reason why I will be studying at The University of Washington for the next 4 years, cheer helped me keep my grades up, helped me get involved and offered a massive amount of community service opportunities. In a couple weeks I will be moving to Seattle to study my major in nursing and I will be living in a sorority where I will be apart of a sisterhood just like I was at SHS and that is what excites me. Alongside I will carry all the values I was taught at SHS.

Yazaret Villafan

2013 - 2016

Yazaret is a University of Washington Alumni. She is now pursuing her Masters at Seattle University.

How did cheer shape or guide you in life after high school?

I owe a lot of who I am and what I do to the SHS Cheer Squad-the goals I have been able to reach, the opportunities that have opened up for me, and the mentality I carry throughout life. Cheer transformed me into the best version of myself. Our coach pushed us to give it our all when it came to our studies, she opened up opportunities for us to serve our community, and she saw a leader in me before I even saw it in myself.

This program guided me into the path I have now by 1) giving me the necessary skills to succeed in college and in the work place. Those skills being time management, hard work ethics, focus, and teamwork. And 2) this program sparked something that allowed me to see things more positively, be more optimistic, and to always step out of my comfort zone. The public performances, cheering on for my school, new and challenging stunt sequences, representing my team everywhere I went, being a role model to the younger girls on my team and the little kids watching. This all helped me!!!

Another way in which this program helped me was by giving me role models of my own. Such as, past alumni and a coach. These are ladies who I can go to for advice when it comes to college, life, jobs, etc. It's a networking system that I know I can count on to this day.

In college I am a social person, but also a very studious person. I still continue to be involved in programs and in serving my community. I love what I study!

Currently, I am studying abroad in Spain. A place where I get to explore, gain more knowledge, and be a part of a new community. It is through school that I have this opportunity.

And to imagine that if in high school I wasn't a part of the SHS Cheer Squad, an experience that played a big role in shaping my life, I possibly could not have gotten close to being where I am now. Being a member of the cheer squad helped me get into the college of my dreams and by accomplishing that I was pushed into a future of endless possibilities.

Elizabeth Bobadilla

2011 - 2014

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Washington this past year, June 2018, with a Bachelors in Social Work and Minor in Spanish. She is now in her last year of the Masters Program at UW. She is the Cheerleading Head coach at Mercer Island High School

How did cheer shape or guide you in life after high school?

One of the biggest things I learned is how to manage my time and prioritize! Cheerleading isn't just about going to games, there's also practice, competitions, volunteer work, team bonding, other school events, and on top of that you have your school work, a family, friends, work, etc. Cheerleading itself is a lot of work, but when you add life outside of cheer, it can be difficult to manage. I learned how to balance everything and prioritize the things that are important. Doing this in high school helped me for when I went to college and had to plan my studying time and social time. I was already in the habit of being organized and planning my days by the hour, which helped me big time!

I also learned teamwork and cooperation. When we stunted in cheer, we had to trust each other and we all had to put in the effort and work hard. In cheer, you rely on each other. If one person is gone, a stunt can't go up. This is important for school projects, clubs, your career, basically anywhere. Teamwork involves good communication, trust and patience, which I have continued to practice in group settings, whether it's with my coworkers when we're co-facilitating, or with group projects in my classes.

You learn team work in sports teams, but in cheer you become a family. You become really close to your teammates. Since graduating high school, I've kept in contact with most of the girls from my cheer squad and they became part of my support system. If I was registering for college course, I would contact the older girls that were on my cheer team and would ask them for advice.

I learned motivation and determination. You can't give up. We learned new stunts or cheer routines that were hard but it meant we had to put in a lot of effort and work hard. Once we learned a difficult stunt, it didn't mean we stopped there, it meant we pushed ourselves to learn an even harder stunt. Each year I improved, whether it was with leading my team, improving my jumps, being nicer, etc. After high school, you carry on the mentality of being determined to constantly move forward and push yourself to be better. I have my bachelors degree but I want to continue to grow, which is why I plan to get my master's next.

Stephanie Romero

2010 - 2013

Stephanie graduated from Easter Washington University with her Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She is now a graduate student at Midwestern University in Arizona.

How did cheer shape or guide you in life after high school?

Trying out for cheer the best decision I made in high school because it allowed me to make so many great memories with my cheer girls! After graduating high school, I knew that college was going to be a whole different experience for me. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Cheer really improved my overall confidence in myself. I learned to just go for things. I remember being one of our stunt dummies back in my days, (this was when we were barely starting to stunt). It was scary for me, but the more I pushed myself, the more I improved. I learned that in order to get things we want, we need to put in the time, effort, and dedication.

Cheer, also helped me learn to work as a team with whoever was on my squad. Having the capabilities to work with others is such an essential skill because we do it every day. Not to mention, I became a master at managing my time. Believe it or not cheer takes a lot of your time. It was something you had to learn to balance with a social life, academics, and SLEEP. But at the end of the day I wouldn't trade the experience I had for anything. Cheer has shaped me to be more outspoken, have discipline (If y'all know, Ale is a tough coach, but it pays off), and overall motivated me to be better than I was. I learned that with determination, you can do anything. Everyday, I will and am continuing to grow and better myself.